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Starkindler's Fiction

Numb tongue? I can fix that!

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This is the fiction journal of...well, you know who I am.

My penname is Starkindler, aka Gil Grissom of Sylum Clan. I decided to create a new journal here on LJ because I came to feel my permanent journal on IJ was just too remote, and I'm on LJ far more than I am over there. Plus, most of my friends still have LJs, so it makes it easier and more comfortable for them to comment here.

I don't place my main journal name here simply because if for some reason this one gets deleted for content, it won't affect my main journal. If you don't know who I am already and want to read my babblings about fandom, my life, or find my community with various medias that I'm about to go and create, *gets shifty eyed* you can send me a message or email me.

NOTE: This journal is a work in progress. I have a lot of fics to upload, organize, and master lists to make. So if you've come here before I've released this journal's name to be friended, expect sporadic spamming to your flist.

This journal is primarily PUBLIC, but there are a couple of instances where fics might be locked, due to LJ's past stance on these types of fics. These will be few and far between, however, and I will tell you where you can find unlocked versions, should you want to read them and not friend this journal. If you do friend me here, however, I will friend you back.

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