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Here you will find my Master List of all my fiction. For fandoms I don't have much of, they are on this entry. For those fandoms that have a lot of fic, or for my AUs that I know will have a mad list about five miles long, I will make separate entries and link to them here. So, you can find your way around this journal just by clicking the LJ cuts below.

Sorted by fandom. Stories that are part of a larger AU series will be linked, but will also have a link to the Master list for that particular AU.

Warnings are done with white text on white background. Where indicated, highlight the text to see the warnings.

Full header info on first part of fics.


Multifandom AU Master Posts

Across the Universe (ATU)
After The Rain (ATR)
Grecian Empire (GE)
Sylum Clan

CSI Fiction

Standalone Stories

Mischievous Boy. Gil/Greg. Adult. Greg gets mischievous when Gil won't pay attention to him.

CSI: Miami Fiction

Aftermath Series

Aftermath I. Horatio/Speed. Pre-Teen. Speed ends up on Horatio's doorstep after the events of Dispo Day.
Aftermath II. Pre-Teen.
Aftermath III. Pre-Teen.

Second Chances Series

A Second Chance at Happiness. Teen. Horatio/Eric, Horatio/Eric/Ryan. When Ryan tells Horatio the secret he's been hiding, Eric and Horatio decide he needs a helping hand.

Standalone Stories
Second Sight. Teen. Eric/Ryan. After seven years, Eric and Ryan meet again..

No Words Left. Adult. Horatio/Speed. There's nothing more that's left to say.

Empire Records Fiction

Standalone Fics
Letter From the Past. Everyone. Joe/Lucas. Lucas rereads an old love letter.

Harry Potter Fiction

Broken Hearts Series

Broken Hearts Series. Adult overall. Harry/Remus, Sirius/Bill, Remus/Severus. When things go seriously wrong in their relationship, Harry and Remus try to make their way back to each other.

Standalone Stories

Ordinary World. Adult. Harry/Severus, Sirius/Remus, Fred/Draco. After the defeat of Voldemort, Snape helps Harry to deal with the loss of his family, and a deep friendship begins. Their relationship grows, but when tragedy strikes, can their relationship last?

An Enemy's Love. Adult. Implied Harry/Draco. Harry/Lucius. In the aftermath of Draco's death, Lucius plans his revenge, but like most times, things don't go quite as planned.

Bedtime Story. Adult. Harry/Bill. Bill teaches Harry the finer points of sex.

Lord of the Rings Fiction

Standalone Fics

Farewell. Adult. Boromir/Faramir. Faramir bids Boromir farewell when Boromir is ordered to go to Imladris. (movie-verse)

NCIS Fiction

Luck. Pre-Teen. Tony/Gibbs. Too many brushes with death make Tony realize how lucky his team is.


Altered States. Everyone. Gen Fic. When Nick and Ryan return to their world, they find it in a surprising altered state. Note: Part of a developing Multifandom AU.

Star Trek XI

Through the Eyes of Another. Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy. Adult. A transporter malfunction has interesting consequences for Kirk and Spock, who find themselves in a grave predicament before they can rectify the situation.

The Effects of the Fine Art of Procrastination. Kirk/McCoy; very mild McCoy/Chekov and McCoy/Uhura. Mentions of Spock/Uhura. Adult. After putting off the inevitable, McCoy now has to face the consequences of his action…and an irate ship's captain.</a>

Supernatural Fiction

Dean's Worst Fear. Teen. A (sort of) SPN/HP crossover. Implied Harry/Draco and Severus/Lucius. An insane spirit gives its victims hallucinations that the victim and everyone in the vicinity can see. While Sam and Dean hunt it, they get a dose of its powers by viewing one of Dean's worst nightmares. CRACK FIC!

X-Men Movie-Verse

Heart's Desire. Alternate Reality. Scott/Logan. Adult. Logan gets what he really wants for Christmas.


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