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Fiction Master List

Here you will find my Master List of all my fiction. For fandoms I don't have much of, they are on this entry. For those fandoms that have a lot of fic, or for my AUs that I know will have a mad list about five miles long, I will make separate entries and link to them here. So, you can find your way around this journal just by clicking the LJ cuts below.

Sorted by fandom. Stories that are part of a larger AU series will be linked, but will also have a link to the Master list for that particular AU.

Warnings are done with white text on white background. Where indicated, highlight the text to see the warnings.

Full header info on first part of fics.


Multifandom AU Master Posts

Across the Universe (ATU)
After The Rain (ATR)
Grecian Empire (GE)
Sylum Clan

CSI FictionCollapse )

CSI Miami FictionCollapse )

Empire Records FictionCollapse )

Harry Potter FictionCollapse )

Lord of the Rings FictionCollapse )

NCIS FictionCollapse )

PrimevalCollapse )

Star Trek XICollapse )

Supernatural Fan FictionCollapse )

X-Men Movie-verseCollapse )

Revelations 1/2, ATU 'Verse

Title: Revelations
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: ATU
Pairings: Hints of Nick/Greg and Gil/Sara; two OC pairings
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Everything you know from the fandoms listed below does not belong to me. However, several characters do belong to me, as do the plots.
Warnings: None, really, unless you got a problem with blood sucking. :P
Summary: An attack changes one CSI's life forever.
Reviews: Are shiny.
Beta Readers: Martin and Trowa. Thanks so much!

RevelationsCollapse )
Title: Of Wagers and Revelations
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Sylum Universe (Canon)
Pairing: Lucas Wolenczak/Jonathan Ford/Jim Brody
Rating: FRAO
Summary: When Lucas and Jonathan meet their Mate, Lucas has to face the fact that he just lost the bet he had...with Riddick.
Disclaimer: The SeaQuest characters so aren't mine. Neither is the Sylum Universe. Neither is Riddick...or any other character in the Sylum universe (damn it!)
Beta(s): Janet and Trowa
Author's Note: This story is part of Sylum Clan and is approved canon by BJ Jones.
This is also a response to the sylum_challenge fic challenge.
Claim: Lucas Wolenczak
Prompt #43: Tracking Device

Of Wagers and Revelations 1/2Collapse )
Title: Unexpected Visitor
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious Series
Pairing: Brian/Dominic
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: If they were mine…wall sex all the time, man.
Summary: Brian is on the run in Rio and sees the last person he ever expects to.
Author's Note: Written for the porn thread on Sylum.
Word Count: 1697

Unexpected VisitorCollapse )
Title: Doing the Dirty Work
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing/Characters: McKay/Beckett, John Sheppard
Rating: Mature
Beta: Janet
Summary: Rodney has to ask Carson something.
Author's Note: For Kermit, who asked for SGA, Beckett/McKay. Hope you like it, hon.

Doing the Dirty WorkCollapse )

A Long Time Coming, Numb3rs, Charlie/Don

Title: A Long Time Coming
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Charlie/Don, pre-Charlie/Don/Colby
Rating: Adult
Summary: Charlie and Don act on something a long time in the making while on a holiday vacation, and Colby has a decision to make.
Beta: Drusilla
Warnings: Incest
Disclaimer: Numb3rs belongs to CBS and a ton of other people who aren't me. I just play with them, and will send them back home, sated but intact.

Author's Note: Written for SRS/Silvia for the Sylum Secret Santa. The original writer was unable to complete the challenge for personal reasons, so I pinch-hit this one.

Author's Note 2: I had originally intended to continue on to the whole Charlie/Don/Colby part of this story, but something happened in my RL that made finishing this part of the story difficult, much less adding on another several pages. So, I will get to the sequel to this story when I get the chance. *adds to list* But this story IS complete within itself.

A Long Time ComingCollapse )
Title: The Proposal
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Charlie/Colby
Rating: Pre-Teen
Summary: Colby pops the question on Christmas Eve.
Disclaimer: Do I really have to tell you they're so not mine, even if I really, really want to claim them as such?
Betas: Dru and Joe.

The ProposalCollapse )

Altered States (Primeval, General)

Title: Altered States
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Primeval
Pairings: None
Characters: The whole cast, plus various OCs, most of which are unnamed or are mentioned in passing for the time being.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Do I have to tell you how much these guys aren't mine?
Warnings: None.
Beta: joereaves
Summary: When Nick and Ryan return to their world, they find it in a surprising altered state.

Author's Note: Written for the Primeval Secret Santa. This is for vampire_rey's prompt. Hope you like it, hon.

And before you ask, this is the first story in what's going to end up a full-fledged multi-fandom AU. Darn it. Because I clearly need another one of those. :D

Altered StatesCollapse )
Title: Through the Eyes of Another
Author: Starkindler ( nufaciel )
Artist: freetodream5
Beta Reader: nighean_isis
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Spock, Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17590
Categories: Slash, Threesome
Kinks: *Barebacking, Bodyswapping*

Warnings: None, unless you count what's in the Categories and Kinks as a warning…
Summary: A transporter malfunction has interesting consequences for Kirk and Spock, who find themselves in a grave predicament before they can rectify the situation.
Link to Fic: Part One; Part Two

Art behind the cut. Thanks to freetodream5 for the lovely banner. :D

Part One of OneCollapse )
Title: The Alpha Job
Artist: Starkindler nufaciel
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing/Character: Nate/Eliot
Kink: None really for the artwork... see story for story kinks.
Notes/Warnings: None for artwork, except graphics heavy behind the cut.
Author: strifechaos, Master List for Fic

Much thanks to joereaves and csi_chic_jayme for their help and feedback on my work while I was making these.

Click for images and fan mixCollapse )
Title: The Effects of the Fine Art of Procrastination
Author: Starkindler ( nufaciel )
Artist: brynnamorgan
Beta Readers: nighean_isis and medjai_trowa
Series: ST XI
Character/Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, very mild McCoy/Chekov and McCoy/Uhura
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,200-ish
Warnings: * Vampirism, if that's not your thing; a little voyeurism by Spock (in a purely scientific fashion of course)*

Summary: After putting off the inevitable, McCoy now has to face the consequences of his action…and an irate ship's captain.
Link to Fic: Part 1 of 2; Part 2 of 2
Link to Art: Here

I would like to thank my good friend csi_chic_jayme, who poked and prodded during my first epic attempt, and when that one grew too massive, she supported me in my choice to change storylines, and poked and prodded and encouraged me until this one was finished. And I mean, like every single *day*.
A big thank you to my betas, nighean_isis and medjai_trowa. I thank them very much for taking this on. *big hugs to both*
To my artist, brynnamorgan, who did a wonderful job. I thank you so much for taking on my story.
And a big thank you to everyone else who poked and prodded at various times throughout the last few months. All the help was greatly appreciated.

The Effects of the Fine Art of ProcrastinationCollapse )

Part 2
Part 1

Part TwoCollapse )

Final A/N: This story is complete within itself, but those of you who know me well...well, you know me. I could end up with an epic series on my hands eventually. Who knows.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Farewell (LotR)

Title: Farewell
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Boromir/Faramir
Rating: Adult
Category: Slash, AR
Warnings: Incest
Spoilers: Not really...this is movieverse, TTT:EE (see Author's Note)
Word Count: 3748

Author's Note: For those of you who have yet to see the Extended Edition of the Two Towers (and if you haven't, what's the matter with you? :p), there is a yummy little flashback scene involving Boromir and Faramir. This scene takes place in a small interval between Osgiliath and Boromir's departure.

FarewellCollapse )

Heart's Desire (X-Men)

Title: Heart’s Desire
Author: Starkindler
Date: December
Fandom: X-Men/Animated
Pairing: Scott/Logan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Logan gets his heart’s desire granted on Christmas Eve.
Disclaimer: Alas, the characters and places in this story are not mine. They belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox, and I’m only playing with them for fun.
Advertisement: Part of the SAC-2004 at: http://www.kardasi.com/Advent/2004/SAC-2004.htm
Beta: Drusilla and Eowyn; all remaining mistakes are mine.
Note: This story is based upon the movie-verse, as I have only the vaguest knowledge of the comic-verse. It's sappy and has no redeeming value whatsoever. Just the way a holiday fic should be.

Heart's DesireCollapse )

Luck (NCIS)

Title: Luck
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs
Genre: Slash, AR
Word Count: 826
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: NCIS isn't mine...not at all. If it was, you couldn't pay me enough to go where they've gone.
Summary: Too many brushes with death make Tony realize how lucky his team is.

LuckCollapse )

Prologue to SeriesCollapse )

Basic Information on ATUCollapse )

About Fandom Timelines: This is a highly AU work. Not all timelines will fit as they are in canon, so I have tweaked many canon timelines, moving them to suit my needs, or avoiding them altogether. For example, in CSI: Miami, the Marisol marrying H/getting killed/H and Eric go to Brazil storyline does not exist. Neither does Boa Vista. However, I will keep the storyline of Eric getting shot (though things that occurred afterward will be altered).

Scenes Written For This UniverseCollapse )

List of Upcoming StoriesCollapse )

Sylum Clan Master Post

Sylum Clan is a multifandom AU that I'm involved in, created by bjjones. She allows others to play in her sandbox, and I am one of the main guest writers in her universe.

You can find all things Sylum here.

Since I have a lot of stories for this series in the works, I thought it best to make its own Master List now.

NOTE: Links will be added as I add stories. Some are long.


Pure Imagination. A General Sylum Fanmix.


In Chronological Order

The Foundling. Everyone. Jack/Will. (PotC/SQ)

Slow Path to Healing. Adult. Lucas/Pacey. (SeaQuest/Dawson's Creek)

Of Wagers and Revelations. Jonathan/Lucas. (SeaQuest)

Disaster at Sea. Adult. Dylan/Robert. (Poseidon)

Running From the Past. (Buffy, Smallville, SQ, others).

Pure Imagination - A Sylum Fan Mix

I made it before the deadline! Woo Hoo!

Anyway, here you will find a general Sylum Fan Mix. I was working on more specific ones, but this was the one that got finished, so here you go!

Full size covers plus songs and zip file behind the cutCollapse )

Crack Fic: Dean's Worst Fear (SPN/HP) 1/1

Title: Dean's Worst Fear
Author: Starkindler
Fandoms: Harry Potter and Supernatural
Pairings: Implied Harry/Draco and Lucius/Severus
Other Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: HP and SPN fandoms so don't belong to me. They'd never get anything done if they were, because they'd all be in bed all the time. I'm not Kripke or Rowling. I'm much more perverted. :D
Word Count: 2898
Betas: Martin and Abby
Summary: An insane spirit gives its victims hallucinations that the victim and everyone in the vicinity can see. While Sam and Dean hunt it, they get a dose of its powers by viewing one of Dean's worst nightmares.

Author's Note: This is complete and utter CRACK! Not to be taken seriously at ALL. Written for the 2008 Sylum Raffle recipient, Bev/Nick, who asked for this. Well, hon. You asked for it.

Dean's Worst FearCollapse )
Broken Hearts Series
Rating: Adult
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Harry/Remus, Remus/Severus, Sirius/Bill
Summary: When things go seriously wrong in their relationship, Harry and Remus try to make their way back to each other.
Disclaimer: Did I mention I'm not JKR?
Warning: MPREG in the last story, Changes. However, the first several stories can be read without reading that, if it's not your thing.
Word Count: 57000-ish

Note: This PDF contains the entire Broken Hearts Series, starting with You Lied, and ending with the Epilogue of Changes that was never posted.

Broken Hearts Series in PDF

FIC: Bedtime Story (HP; HP/BW)

Title: Bedtime Story
Author: Starkindler
Pairing: Harry/Bill
Rating: Adult
Summary: Bill teaches Harry the finer points of sex.
Warnings: None, except that it's a tad cliche *g* but as there's not much out there in this pairing, I'm sure you won't mind. If you do...I don't care. ^_~
Disclaimer: Do I really need to tell you that HP belongs to JKR? No, didn't think so.
Word Count: 6244

Click here for the Pr0nCollapse )

FIC: An Enemy's Love (Adult, HP/LM; HP/DM)

Title: An Enemy's Love
Pairing: HP/LM; HP/DM very much implied
Rating: Adult
Warning: Character death and a mention of MPREG; however, it is merely a brief mention and I go through none of the pregnancy/birthing process.
Disclaimer: Harry, Lucius and the gang don't belong to me. *sob* They belong to JK Rowling and I get nothing for this, other than my own weird pleasure from writing this.
This fic is part of the 'Beloved Enemies' Harry/Lucius Fuh-Q-Fest
Response to challenges:

30. Lucius opens the Daily Prophet one morning and reads an article about the Boy Who Lived being gay. And Lucius is very happily surprised because this fits right into his plans (Maeglin Yedi)
41. Harry visits Sirius and Remus during Hogsmeade weekend. Remus can smell another man on Harry but he isn't sure who it is. When Remus visits Flourish and Blotts the next week and runs into Lucius Malfoy, things suddenly become very clear. How does Remus react and does he decide to tell Sirius or confront Harry? (Maeglin Yedi)
101. Write a fic using, and based around, the line: Love your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards." (Selene la Luna)
File Size: Less than 200k.
Word Count: 24,500-ish

Again, too long to post.

An Enemy's Love in PDF
Read online here
Title: Letter From the Past
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: Empire Records
Category: Scene, Ficlet, Standalone
Pairing: Joe/Lucas
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. Empire doesn't belong to me, though the plot isn't one that was intended, I'm sure.
Reviews: Like the cherry on my sundae, lovely and yummy, but not required. All reviews welcome.
Betas: Joe and Dru
Summary: Lucas rereads an old love letter.
Prompt 15: Love Letter
Author's Note: This is for my 50episodes challenge for Lucas.

Lucas wiped away the tears from his face as he put the last of Joe's belongings away in a box to store in the back of the closet.Collapse )

FIC: No Words Left, Adult, Horatio/Speed

Title: No Words Left
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Horatio/Speed
Rating: Adult
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None, though you might want a tissue handy.
Beta(s): Joe and Dru
Reviews: Always wonderful to get.
Summary: There's nothing more that's left to say.
Author's Note: This was originally written for my fic_cd_mix challenge for Horatio/Speed but I dropped that claim. The song used is "Silent Night" by Bon Jovi. Complete lyrics can be found here

It's too late
Too late to wonder why
Much too late
To save a love that's died…

No Words LeftCollapse )

FIC: Ordinary World (Adult, Harry Potter)

Title: Ordinary World
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: Adult
Pairings: Harry/Snape, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Fred
Warnings: Brief Non-Con
Disclaimer: Harry, Sev and the Hogwarts gang all belong to JKR, though I don't think the following was truly her intention when she started this series. Please don't sue, I only have (digs in bottom of purse) eighty-five cents and a peppermint. I promise, once I'm done, I'll put them back where I found them.
Summary: After the defeat of Voldemort, Snape helps Harry to deal with the loss of his family, and a deep friendship begins. Their relationship grows, but when tragedy strikes, can their relationship last?
Word Count: approx. 190,000 words
File Size: nearly 800 kb

Ordinary World PDF File

Placed in a PDF file, because there's no way I'm uploading all forty chapters here. *cringes at the thought of how much time that would take*

If you want to read it online, you can find it here.
Title: A Second Chance at Happiness
Author: Starkindler
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairing: Horatio/Eric, Horatio/Eric/Ryan
Genre: Slash, Fluff, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Reality
Rating: FRT
Summary: When Ryan tells Horatio the secret he's been hiding, Eric and Horatio decide he needs a helping hand.
Author's Note 1: Written as a Secret Santa gift for Janelle. Hope you enjoy it, hon. :)
Author's Note 2: While this is based on an episode from season five, this is an AR fic, one where Horatio isn't a borderline mob boss and actually pays some attention to his team.

A Second Chance at HappinessCollapse )

FIC: Second Sight

Author: Starkindler
Title: Second Sight
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Ryan Wolfe/Eric Delko
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Beta: Drusilla
Disclaimer: The characters of CSI: Miami belong to the creators, Jerry Bruckheimer, and CBS and affiliates. I own nothing. I just play with them for my own entertainment.
Summary: After seven years, Eric and Ryan meet again.
Author's Note: This was written for the Slash Advent Calendar (http://www.kardasi.com/Advent/2005/index.htm)
You can send feedback to starkindler76@gmail.com

Second SightCollapse )

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